Postgraduate Students


Fan (Frank) Fei

Fan (Frank) Fei began his PhD studies in September 2018, as a Hong Kong PhD Fellow. He graduated from HKU in 2018 with a first class BEng degree in Civil Engineering. Throughout his undergraduate years at HKU, he was in Dean's honours list every academic year, and received several prestigious awards including a C.L. Tse Prize in Civil Engineering and a Leung Ting Kui Scholarship.

Frank’s research focuses on developing new physics-based approaches to the computational modeling of frictional discontinuities such as slip surfaces and geologic faults.


Chong Liu

Chong Liu joined the group as a PhD student in September 2019. He holds a B.S. degree in Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering and a M.S. degree in Hydraulic Structure Engineering, both from Hohai University. At Hohai, he received several awards and prizes including the China National Scholarships (two times), a Zhang Guangdou Scholarship, and National First and Second Prizes in the National Postgraduate and Undergraduate Mathematical Contests in Modeling, respectively.

Chong’s work investigates fracture and damage in fluid-infiltrated geomaterials with applications to geo-energy and geo-hazard problems.


Yidong Zhao

Yidong Zhao started his PhD studies in September 2019, as a Hong Kong PhD Fellow. He obtained his B.S. degree in Structural Engineering and M.S. degree in Architectural and Civil Engineering from Tongji University. During his studies at Tongji, he was the recipient of the China National Scholarships (two times), the 2016 Shanghai Outstanding Graduate award, a National Second Prize in the 10th Zhou Pei-Yuan Mechanics National College Competition, and a First Prize in the 1st Mechanics Competition of Shanghai, among others.

Yidong’s current research develops and applies computational methods for large deformation problems in geomechanics such as landslides.


Student Research Assistant


Junwei Zhang

Junwei Zhang has been working as a Student Research Assistant of our group since January 2019. He is currently an undergraduate student majoring civil engineering at HKU.

Junwei works on statistical methods for parameter identification problems in geomechanics.