EMI 2019 Computational Geomechanics mini-symposium

Jinhyun Choo co-organizes a mini-symposium entitled "Computational Geomechanics" at EMI 2019, which will be held at Caltech on June 18–21, 2019. This will be a joint conference with the ASCE Geo-Institute. Abstract submission is now open until January 30, 2019. The mini-symposium description is given below. We hope to have you there!

MS35: Computational Geomechanics


Jinhyun Choo, The University of Hong Kong (Contact Organizer)
Jose Andrade, California Institute of Technology
Ronaldo Borja, Stanford University
Qiushi Chen, Clemson University
Majid Manzari, George Washington University
SeonHong Na, McMaster University
Richard Regueiro, University of Colorado Boulder
WaiChing Sun, Columbia University


This mini-symposium will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of the state-of-the-art in computational geomechanics. Emphasis will be on novel formulations, computational methods, and numerical simulations involving geomaterials such as soil and rock. Contributions are solicited in, but not restricted to, the following topic areas in computational geomechanics: (1) development, implementation, and validation of advanced constitutive models, (2) computational models and algorithms for multiphysics problems (coupled multiphase flow and solid deformation, chemo-thermo-hydro-mechanics, etc.), (3) numerical modeling of fracture, damage, and fragmentation processes in geomaterials, (4) micromechanics (particulate mechanics, molecular dynamics, etc.), (5) multiscale modeling (hierarchical and concurrent schemes, etc.), (6) meshfree methods for large deformation problems, (7) nonlocal and/or generalized continuum modeling, (8) dynamics of geomaterials, and (9) uncertainty quantification and probabilistic methods.