EMI 2018 & Computational Mechanics Committee

Jinhyun Choo has attended the EMI 2018 Conference and delivered a talk entitled "Coupling phase-field and plasticity for unified modeling of brittle and ductile failures in geomaterials." He also co-chaired the Computational Geomechanics mini-symposium, which hosted a number of high-quality presentations. 

During the conference, Jinhyun has also been elected to be a member of the Computational Mechanics Committee. The purpose of the EMI Computational Mechanics Committee is to foster the development and applications of the methods of computational methods (finite element, boundary element, finite difference, finite volume, and others) to problems of engineering mechanics, including structural mechanics, solid mechanics, geomechanics, fluid mechanics, fluid–structure interaction, as well as dynamic and thermal effects.

EMI Poromechanics Committee

Jinhyun Choo has been elected to be a member of the Poromechanics Committee of the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI). EMI's technical committees develop conference sessions and symposia for Institute and Society conferences and for other initiatives to foster technical activities within the area of engineering mechanics. The purpose of the EMI Poromechanics Committee is to promote fundamental and applied research in the mechanics of porous materials using observational, analytical, and computational techniques.