Journal Articles


A phase-field method for modeling cracks with frictional contact.
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Stabilized material point methods for coupled large deformation and fluid flow in porous materials.
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Stabilized mixed continuous/enriched Galerkin formulations for locally mass conservative poromechanics.
J. Choo. Submitted.


On the preferential flow patterns induced by transverse isotropy and non-Darcy flow in double porosity media.
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Cracking and damage from crystallization in pores: Coupled chemo-hydro-mechanics and phase-field modeling. 
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Coupled phase-field and plasticity modeling of geological materials: From brittle fracture to ductile flow
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2017 & Earlier

Mixed Arlequin method for multiscale poromechanics problems. 
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Book Chapter

Rock moisture dynamics, preferential flow, and the stability of hillside slopes. 
R.I. Borja, J. Choo, and J.A. White. Chapter 20 in Multi-hazard Approaches to Civil Infrastructure Engineering, P. Gardoni and J. M. LaFave (eds.), Springer, 2016.


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Effect of Stress History on the Small-Strain Behavior of Clays.
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